Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture is the best known and most used modality of Chinese medicine. Very fine filiform needles are inserted in points along meridians or channels. The insertion of these needles stimulates qi, (energy or life force), to clear blockages and facilitate balance in the body. Treatments are determined through pattern diagnosis and point combinations are custom tailored to each individual to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance.

Medical Forms

Before we can treat you or perfrom acupuncture treatment or services, we need to have you complete a series of medical release forms including a Health History Form, HIPAA Form and an Informed Consent Form. You can download any of these forms from the links provided and bring them to your first scheduled appointment or fill them out when you arrive.

At Thrive Integrative Wellness Center we use acupuncture as well as other modalities to treat the following conditions:



Arthritis Pain and Swelling

Back pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Colds and Flu Symptoms

Depression and Anxiety


Facial Rejuvenation





IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Irregular Menstruation


Knee Pain

Menopause Symptoms

Neck Pain


Weight Loss

Shoulder Pain

Smoking Cessation





Other modalities practiced at Thrive IWC

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbs can be a powerful adjunct to acupuncture care. They are used to strengthen, build and support the body or to clear it of excess problems like a cold, fever or acute pain. We at Thrive iwc, may suggest starting with acupuncture and then adding herbs to your treatment in the future.


Cupping is another type of treatment or modality used in conjunction with acupuncture. This is a method of stimulating acupuncture points by applying suction through a glass jar, in which a partial vacuum has been created. This technique stimulates blood flow to specfic areas on the body. Cupping is most commonly used for back and neck pain, sprains, soft tissue injuries, and helping relieve fluid from the lungs in chronic bronchitis or asthma.

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture Is one of the more widely used microsystems within eastern medicine. Microsystems use one aspect of the body, for example, the ears, hands or feet to treat conditions that are present anywhere in the body. Auricular acupuncture may be used as a primary mode of treatment or in conjunction with other treatments such as acupuncture, bodywork or herbal medicine.

Gua Sha

The name is comprised of the two Chinese characters Gua, meaning to scrape or rub, and Sha meaning sand (petechiae). The color of the Sha marks indicate the nature and severity of blood stasis within the body. The Gua Sha technique is designed to promote free flow of blood and Qi within the body.

Moxibustion Therapy

Like all traditional Chinese treatments, the goal of moxibustion is to bring the body into balance and ensure a consistent flow of qi. In this case, balance is achieved by the burning of moxa, or dried mugwort (artemesia vulgaris in Latin), close to or directly on the skin.

Moxa is understood within a modern Western medical framework to be a natural diuretic, as well as a moderate stimulant. It is also an emmenagogue, which means that it can trigger an increase of blood flow to the pelvic area – especially the uterus. This is why it is often used to treat uterine cramps and scanty (light or absent) menstruation and support fertility. It may also be indicated for breech babies.

When used by a skilled practitioner of Chinese medicine, moxibustion can help stimulate sluggish, deficient or stagnated qi with the introduction of therapeutic heat. In so doing, it amplifies the healing effects of acupuncture and alleviates chronic stagnation.


Electro-stimulation is simply the use of a tens unit that is attached to specific acupuncture needles. This facilitates stimulation of the treatment area and thus increases endorphine production, which helps promte the healing process.

Chinese Dietary & Nutrition Advice

Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, and Tui na are external forms of Chinese medicine. Chinese herbs and Chinese nutrition are just as integral to Chinese medicine, yet are focused internally. We at Thrive iwc, take great care in blending and developing a program that utilizes both internal and external treatments that are custom designed for each individual.