Thrive Integrative Wellness Center Testimonials

Below are some Thrive Integrative Wellness Center Testimonials that we have received from our clients. Please take the time to read the following testimonials about real people who have recovered from various illnesses by regularly practicing Yoga, receiving Acupuncture treatments, or getting therapeutic massage sessions. While each story is unique, they tell us that our clients are beginning to Thrive in their lives. If you would like to share your story with us, please email it to us at info@thriveiwc.com

Acupuncture Testimonials

"I HIGHLY recommend Brenda! She has brought me so much relief in terms of physical discomfort as well as my stress level. The acupuncture and gua sha have been so helpful. After one session at Thrive, the pain in my shoulder and neck had decreased noticeably and was gone after just a few more visits. Brenda has an amazing gift of zeroing in on the exact areas that need the most help and relief. This was my first experience with acupuncture and I am now hooked! I will absolutely return for future help with back/neck/shoulder pain." - Kim G.

"I saw the article on the new acupuncture/massage/yoga studio in downtown Naperville and since I have been having knee and lower back issues, I decided to make an appointment for acupuncture. Brenda gave me a very warm and professional welcome. She did a patient intake form on me asking me questions regarding my condition and my medical history. She also aksed questions about my acupuncture history. Once that was completed she informed me of my treatment options. After I selected the type of treatment I wanted she proceeded to treat me. I have to take a few lines to make a point and say that this is one of the best looking offices that I have ever been in! Whoever designed THRIVE's space definitely paid attention to details that would make someone want to come back to this office!

The treatment room was very comfortable (temp and lighting) and Brenda explained everything that she was doing and checked to see if I was okay, as she proceeded through my treatment. I don't have an aversion to needles, so I had no issues or discomfort during the treatment. But her needling technique was so good, I barely felt anything when she placed the needles!!! I have to say that I did experience some relief from the treatment and I plan on purchasing an acupuncture therapy package. She mentioned that they also offer massage therapy and yoga packages as well ( I like that she only mentioned these and that she didn't do a hard sell which could be annoying).

There was a yoga session going on while I was there and the studio looked fantastic! I saw that the yoga instructor was very good at helping class members with their poses and walking people through difficult poses. Who knows, I may try a class someday. I definitely think this new place will be (excuse my play on words here) "thriving" soon! Congratulations, Brenda, on your new venture and I wish you success!" - Charles S.

"My first experience with acupuncture was with Brenda prior to delivering my second daughter and it was great. Brenda was informative, attentive and patient. I firmly believe that my induction and delivery went so well because I was receiving treatments. They truly helped to prepare my body for labor." - Alicia M.

"I have been amazed at how much Brenda has been able to accomplish in only 6 sessions. My neck pain, which I have treated traditionally thus far with no results, has been substantially diminished through Brenda's treatments. I highly recommend Brenda and her services!" - Meredith D.

"I had suffered a very early miscarriage when I decided to pursue acupuncture therapy. I had heard really great things about it helping with fertility. Brenda made me feel at ease and her confidence gave me hope of conceiving a baby on my own to full term. I quickly discovered how it regulated my cycle, which helped produce the best quality eggs for conception. It also helped reduce stress, which was essential during this time. Within three months of actively seeking treatment I conceived naturally. I am currently 33 weeks along." - Michelle H.